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Lion King Re-Release Exceeds Expectations

The Lion King was a classic film, brought by Disney to us when most of us were still in footie pajamas and had blankies. Everyone knew that it was an amazing movie and was sad to see it go. Well last week, Disney re-released The Lion King and in 3D no less. I personally have not seen the movie but look forward to seeing my favorite child-hood film in 3D with my friends and it seems that many people have shared my mentality. The re-release of the classic film brought in over twice the estimated moolah – a whopping $29.3 million in North America alone – in just a week. Disney has surely (Don’t call me Shirley!) made a classic and proved, that no matter how old a movie is, if it’s good once it’s always good. You can read more about the heroic felines from the link below. But why read when you can run to the local theatre and have a blast with a classic? I know I will.


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