Funimation at ABOSG

Ryan Colon and Brian Pippin (from Funimation) recently visited the animation group, A Bunch Of Short Guys here in Plano TX. Brian is a trailer editor for the company while Ryan works on the site and banners. While they informed us about their roles in the company, they also informed us about upcoming shows, what the entire company does and how they function. After a while of an actual informative Q&A we had a little time to goof off and we had a small contest to see who could sign up for their site first (I won woo hoo!). Lastly we got to talk to them one on one and learn a little more about animation and it’s importance.




Artist interview – Cameron Davis

The Gnomon Workshop interviewer, Travis Bourbeau, recently sat down with artist Cameron Davis, who was one of the main concept artists for Guitar Hero 3, Guitar Hero 5 and Guitar Hero;World Tour. Davis explained many approaches to character design (like techniques  for drawing customizable characters) and what it’s like to work on them. However, he recently left character design for games, in favor of illustrating his own book. A protion of the interview is shown below.


GW: So you’ve taken a break from games for a while to write and illustrate your first book. Tell us a bit about the project.

Cameron: Well it’s done in a pretty traditional children’s book style but it’s probably a little darker and more involved than what you’d typically think of as a “kid’s book.” It’s mostly for myself and artist friends, family, etc. I wanted to make something pure that didn’t have to appeal to large audiences.

The rest of the interview can be found here (

Hoops and Yoyo to become Christmas Special

Hallmark, the leading seasonal store, has teamed up with the animation studio Classic Media, to bring a Hoops and Yoyo Christmas special to world-wide audiences. Set to premiere on CBS November 25th, the two hooligans will start in the “Hoops and Yoyo Ruin Christmas” where they get thrown through time and mess with poor old Kringle’s destiny (completely by accident of course). Classic Media’s EVP, Chloe van den Berg, said that Classic is “…delighted to be working with Hallmark and very much hope that this is the first of many Hoops & Yoyo adventures we’ll see.” You can find more at or at the full article below.

DreamWorks Finalizes Netflix Deal

That’s right, Netflix will now be streaming DreamWorks movies, previously unavailable on the popular movie provider’s list. With a cool new $30 million, per title, DW is content with Netflix shooting their movies out like a rapid-fire cannon to the general public. The deal replaces Netflix’s deal with HBO that only extends to 2012. Look for Shrek and Kung Fu Panda on Netflix sometime in 2013.


Check the info here–>

Lion King Re-Release Exceeds Expectations

The Lion King was a classic film, brought by Disney to us when most of us were still in footie pajamas and had blankies. Everyone knew that it was an amazing movie and was sad to see it go. Well last week, Disney re-released The Lion King and in 3D no less. I personally have not seen the movie but look forward to seeing my favorite child-hood film in 3D with my friends and it seems that many people have shared my mentality. The re-release of the classic film brought in over twice the estimated moolah – a whopping $29.3 million in North America alone – in just a week. Disney has surely (Don’t call me Shirley!) made a classic and proved, that no matter how old a movie is, if it’s good once it’s always good. You can read more about the heroic felines from the link below. But why read when you can run to the local theatre and have a blast with a classic? I know I will.

Halo 4 Creative Director Quits

Ryan Payton, the creative director for Halo 4 has officially left Microsoft’s 343 Industries to start his own studio. When asked why Payton said,  “The Halo I wanted to build was fundamentally different and I don’t think I had built enough credibility to see such a crazy endeavor through.”  While it’s been made clear that Payton in no way thinks that Halo 4 will be a terrible game, he HAS pronounced the condition to be “Halo Fatigue”. It seems however, that he’s not the first in the industry to leave mid-project. Now we can only hope that this game will be able to carry the torch into a new generation.